Opanak-making craft (Опанчарски занат)

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Opančarstvo, the craft of making opanak shoes (pl. opanci), belongs to the traditional set of craft knowledge and skills and includes making opanak shoes by hand from various types of tanned leather (made of cattle, swine or goat hide) and rope. Opanak-making process includes several phases and distinct techniques – cutting the leather pieces, drilling holes, stitching and gluing parts of leather by using hand tools and sewing machine.

A craftsman making opanak shoes is called opančar and is assisted by family members who participate in certain segments of production process, as well as in sale and promotion of the finished product. The opančarstvo craft is present throughout Serbia, and the communities active in preservation of this craft include folklore associations (cultural-artistic societies or KUDs) which use various types of opanak shoes in their stage performances.

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