Ojkača singing, (Ојкача)

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Ojkača is a traditional song from Krajina performed a cappella or to the accompaniment of a folk instrument (usually solo tamburitza, rarely diple, double flute, etc.)

The distinct feature of this singing style is the extended exclamation, i.e. syllable "oj", "ajoj" and "joj", which has determined its most common name – ojkanje. Depending on the region of origin, these songs are differently referred to as: ojkača, ojkan, ojkalica. They are performed by a group of singers, where one sings the lead voice, while others follow by singing bass lines, thereby creating a melody. The group performing the song may be male, female or, rarely, mixed. The songs are part of everyday life; they are performed at ordinary home gatherings, during work, when celebrating the slava, in taverns, and, in the past, they were sung not only during various festivities and farming activities (by haymakers during mowing, or harvesters during the harvest), but also in difficult moments (e.g. the departure of soldiers to war, life in exile, etc.).

Today, ojkača singers are very widespread in the areas inhabited by the Krajina population, primarily Vojvodina and the Belgrade region.

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