Rumenka kolo dance, (Руменка)

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The rumenka is a kolo-type dance, marked by the symmetry of the dance pattern and its enrichment with different motifs: by making smaller steps during one bar, hopping and pozdvoženje (a specific type of leg movement, where the foot which starts the movement is quickly joined by the other foot). The dance patterns have different lengths and may range from eight, ten, and sixteen bars. It is primarily a fun dance, which is transmitted directly, through participating and observing, and is part of dances performed during family celebrations and public gatherings.

The rumenka folk dance, as a performing practice, is widespread in eastern Serbia and is performed by the inhabitants of Crnorečje, Banja, the middle course of the Timok River, Zaglavaka, Budžak, Svrljiška Valley, in the vicinity of Niš and part of the Pirot Valley.

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Еastern Serbia
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