Dragačevo Trumpet Festival (Драгачевски сабор трубача)

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For an uninterrupted period of almost 60 years, Dragačevski Sabor or Guča Trumpet Festival has been a celebratory event, and as its significance increased it became a social ritual of the local community and an identity marker of its members. At the beginning of the 1960s the young enthusiasts from the local community have revitalized the already lifeless social institution of sabor, as a traditional gathering on the celebration day of the local church slava, designed as competition of brass trumpet orchestras from Dragačevo. As the bearer of the renewal of the folk spirituality in the local community, the Trumpet Festival became a national (then state-level) folklore event in 1963, and the profile of the folk trumpet orchestra was established: 2 to 4 flugelhorns, 3 to 4 tenors, a bass, set of drums and possibly a snare drum, which makes a total of 8 to 10 musicians.

In the course of time, the mainstay of the sabor gatherings was the competitive music festival with trumpet orchestras performing traditional folk music, leading to renewal of other functions of folk sabor and vašar gatherings as integrative elements for the entire community.

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