Zlakusa pottery

Кратак опис: 

Description of the element:

The process of the manual manufacturing of ceramic pots to be used for the thermal treatment of food on a handwheel (kolo) using the building technique, i.e. adding layers of clay, has made the Zlakusa pottery unique for generations. The manufacturing process has three phases and it includes: making, drying and firing pots in an open kiln – žižanica. Along with the use of a handwheel, the specific feature of this type of pottery is the material from which it is made – a mixture of raw materials (clay and ground mineral calcite, in a precisely determined proportion) obtained from local sites in the villages of this region. The traditional forms of the Zlakusa pottery are pots of different shapes and sizes (from 1 to 100 litres), used mainly for cooking and baking food. The manufacturing of pottery products is passed from one generation to another among male family members, who are the bearers of this knowledge, while other family members may be involved in some of the work phases.

Handwheel pottery, a skill associated with traditional crafts, is developed in the village of Zlakusa, in the vicinity of Užice, in western Serbia.

Нoсиoци елемента: 

Bearers and Practitioners of the element

Šunjevarić Vaso (1972); 

Šunjevarić Danica (1976); 

Šunjevarić Slavoljub (1943);

Šunjevarić Petar (1948)

Šunjevarić Neboiša (1984)

Šunjevarić Luka (1929)

Sarvan Borko (1980)

Sarvan Jelena (1982)

Savić Milovan (1953)

Savić Milan (1930)

Savić Goran (1972)

Nikitović Zoran (1962)

Nikitović Dobrivoje (1935)

Nikitović Vesna (1970)

Klopanović Darko (1980)

Klopanović Dragana (1980)

Nikitović Milojko (1951)

Tešić Žarko (1979)

Tešić Darko (1974)

Tečić Radenko (1920)

Šunjevarić Pavle (1946)

Šunjevarić Milan (1973)

Šunjevarić Željko (1981)

Nikitović Dragoslav (1962)

Назив локалитета: 
Geographical location: Zlakusa village
Етнографска област или регион: 
Užice, Western Serbia
Назив институције: 
Competent body: Open Air Museum “Staro Selo"
Sirogojno 31207
+381 31 3802291
Назив организације / групе: 
Zlakusa Potters Association
Zlakusa, 31 205 Sevojno
Фотографски материјал: 
Инвентарни број: 


Hand-wheel pottery making, as one of the traditional crafts, has been preserved in the village of Zlakusa near Užice in western Serbia. The relevant community is the local community of Zlakusa, potters and members of the Zlakusa Potters Association. Members of a broader community, individuals across Serbia using Zlakusa pottery. 

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Monday, June 18, 2012