Vuk’s Convocation (Вуков сабор)

Кратак опис: 

 Vukov Sabor, the oldest cultural festival in Serbia, dedicated to the preservation of the Serbian language, alphabet and oral literature, was established in 1933 in the memory of the reformer of the Serbian language and alphabet, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. For the residents of Tršić and the surrounding villages, the Festival is the time when friends and relatives from other regions visit them, as they do during village celebrations, to participate together in the Festival programmes. The programmes are aimed at nurturing oral narration, traditional dancing and singing, gusle-players’ competitions in performing epic poetry, i.e. presenting oral traditions and expressions, and performing arts. The local community plays a major role in designing the programme of this Festival and due to this, it is part of the identity of the village of Tršić, located in the vicinity of the town of Loznica in western Serbia.

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Tršić, Loznica
Етнографска област или регион: 
Western Serbia.
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Monday, June 18, 2012