Ministry of Culture and Information has established the Commission for the inscription of elements of Intangible Cultural Heritage with the main task to valorize the proposals for the inscription in the National Registry of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and forwards them to the National Committee for the Intangible Cultural Heritage for adoption. The Commission is in charge to initiate activities of regional coordinators in the field of conservation and protection of the intangible cultural heritage, to propose and coordinate national programs, projects, and activities in the field of conservation and protection of the intangible cultural heritage, to coordinate regional and international programs, networking with existing regional and international structures, to propose, encourage and monitor the implementation of measures for the protection and preservation of registered intangible cultural heritage.

Commission for the inscription in the Registry of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which operated from March 2011 till November 2013, was composed of: 

  • Vilma Niskanovic, ethnologist, Museum Advisor, acting director of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, president of Commission,
  • Biljana Sikimic, Ph.D, ethnolinguist, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Balkan Studies of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA),
  • Miroslava Lukic Krstanovic, Ph.D, ethnologist, Research Associate, Ethnographic Institute of SASA,
  • Vesna Marjanovic, Ph.D, ethnologist, Museum Advisor, Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade,
  • Sanja Rankovic, MA, ethnomusicologist, Centre for the Study of the Folk Dances of Serbia at The Faculty of Music in Belgrade,
  • Jelena Todorovic, classical philologist, Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade,
  • Gordana Milosevic, Ph.D. Professor, architect, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade,
  • Maja Djordjevic, MA, Archaeologist-Advisor, Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia – Belgrade,
  • Pavel Babka, Director of the Fund “International Ethno Center Babka”, Kovacica,
  • Mirjana Menkovic, MA, President of the Center for Protection of Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija “Mnemosyne”.