The Network of Regional Coordinators

The network of regional coordinators, in charge of Vojvodina, Belgrade, Central Serbia, western Serbia, eastern Serbia, Southern Serbia, and Kosovo and Metohija, carries out activities aimed at locating and identifying elements of the intangible cultural heritage and helps to establish cooperation between communities, groups, individuals, experts, professional centers, and research institutes in order to collect, document, archive, and preserve heritage data. In collaboration with the Centre for the Intangible Cultural Heritage, coordinators take necessary measures to inform the communities, groups, and individuals of the importance and value of their intangible cultural heritage, as well as the importance and value of the Convention.
Coordinators are tasked with collecting and forwarding the proposals to the Commission for Inscription in the National Registry of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Eastern Serbia: Suzana Antic, ethnologist, Senior Curator, the National Museum Zajecar;
Central Serbia: Snezana Saponjic-Asanin, ethnologist, Museum Advisor, the National Museum Cacak;
Western Serbia: Snezana Tomic, ethnologist, Museum Advisor, the Open-Air Museum „Old Village“ – Sirogojno;
Southern Serbia: Zoran Dimic, PhD, Assistant Professor, the University of Nis Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy;
Vojvodina: Slavica Vujovic, PhD, architect – conservator, The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments;
Belgrade: Miroslava Lukic-Krstanovic, PhD, ethnologist, Research Associate, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA);
Kosovo and Metohija: Mirjana Menkovic, PhD, ethnologist, Museum Advisor, the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade – Cultural institution of National Significance.