Trumpeting (Трубаштво – свирање ансамбала/оркестара лимених дувачких инструмената / блех оркестара)

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The sound of an ensemble of brass instruments is one of the contemporary cultural symbols of Serbia. This playing practice is usually named after the leading instrument of the ensemble, widely recognized as the "trumpet", although the instrument in this position is usually fligelhorna/fligorna (German Flügelhorn - wing horn), and the rest of the ensemble includes other brass instruments (tenor and baritone horn, tuba). In some areas such ensembles also include wooden wind instruments (clarinet or saxophone, in Romani areas in the south or in Vlach environments in Eastern Serbia), while some percussion instruments (large drums, often accompanied by cymbals and perhaps snare drum) are obligatory. In practice, the formations are variable and include from 5-6 to 10-12 musicians.

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Territory of Serbia, particularly in South, Western and Eastern Serbia
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Tuesday, October 13, 2020