Toasts (počašnice, nazdravice), Здравице

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Toasts represent public exclamation of good wishes on celebratory occasions. They are a part of custom practice and oral tradition present throughout Serbia. The custom of toast takes place at various private and public events, including home and church celebrations of slava, weddings, birth-related events and various calendar holidays. The exclamation of a toast demands a performer with advanced ability of improvisation, rhetorical and drama performance skills.

The toast-maker recites the text of the toast by addressing the host or celebrating person, those who are honored by the celebration as well as all participants of the event, ending by ritual raising of a glass (bottle, flask) and drinking the beverage.

In modern times, toasts are also present in theatrical performances and presentation of various customs in media.

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National Museum in Čačak
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Association “Prela i posela”
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Thursday, December 13, 2018