Prince Marko’s Wedding–carnival wedding at Štrpce (Женидба краљевића Марка – покладна свадба у Штрпцу)

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Prince Marko’s Wedding is part of collective custom rituals performed during the celebration of Bele poklade (a day before Great Lent/Great Fast) at Štrpce, the head town of Sirinićka Župa area. The custom includes a carnival procession of masked participants in role of vučari, symbolically presenting the wedding of Prince Marko or Marko Kraljević (important figure in Serbian mythology). Participants of the procession include several persons in main roles: Prince Marko, bride (snaša), the best man, (dever) elder usher (stari svat), two priests, standard-bearer (барјактар), drummer (gočobija) and friends (miklije).

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Thursday, December 13, 2018