Kosovo-style embroidery

Кратак опис: 

Highly developed, stylized decorative embroidery that can be found on traditional Serbian clothes, especially on women's chemises, and, in a simplified form, between the two world wars, on textile items of furniture in the cities. The combination of fabrics used for chemises (mostly hemp, but also flax, half-cotton and cotton), the dominant red colour of the embroidery rendered in various materials (wool, metal thread, yellow or white metal thread, tinsel), the applied techniques and garment names, fuse into a whole, which is a result, but also a reflection of the Serbian, Byzantine, Romanesque and Eastern Christian cultural spheres.

The Kosovo embroidery belongs to the sphere of knowledge and skills associated with traditional crafts and it represents a traditional way of decorating the clothes of Serbs in Kosovo and textile household items and contemporary women's dress in the cities of central Serbia and Vojvodina.

Етнографска област или регион: 
Kosovo and Metohija, central Serbia and Vojvodina