Easter Ritual of Guarding Jesus Christ's Tomb, (Чување Христовог Гроба)

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The practice of guarding the Holy Sepulchre is part of Easter customs and is associated with the symbolic "guarding of the Holy Sepulchre" from Good Friday to Easter. During the holidays preceding Easter, men (mostly young) gather together and, with the blessing of priests, dressed in a festive folk costume, they form a military company. Led by the chosen commander (harambaša), they undertake to guard the Holy Sepulchre. The military guard opens the service on Good Friday and its duty lasts all through the Holy Liturgy on Easter, during which time, pairs of guards stand immovably beside the "Holy Sepulchre". The guard shift changes are triggered by a sign given by the commander until Holy Saturday at midnight, when the guard is disbanded. After this, the guards, free of their military duty, attend the Sunday liturgy.

The ritual takes place in the Orthodox church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin in Batajnica (Belgrade outskirts) and is very important for the population of Vrlička Krajina, who migrated there and who perpetuate it, transferring it from father to son, as a ritual typical of their place of origin.

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Batajnica, Belgrade
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Monday, June 18, 2012