Cipovka – the skill and craft of making traditional bread in Vojvodina

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In a distinctly farming culture in the territory of Vojvodina, where cereal crops play an important role in the diet, the skill of making special bread – cipovka, has been developed. The skill and knowledge of making cipovka, the only bearers of which over a long period were women (homemakers, reduše), are focused on the preparation of bread that may be kept fresh for a long time, as it is made once or twice a week. The skill of making cipovka still requires fully manual procedures, as well as white flour, yeast, lukewarm water and salt. Women or bakers who make cipovka, obtain its characteristic shape by making cuts in the piece of dough (at the top of the dough ball) immediately before putting it into the oven. The traditional bread size is between three and five kilograms.

The preparation of cipovka is a skill and craft typical of the population of Vojvodina – Serbs, Hungarians, Bunjevci and Croats. 

Video: "Cipovka - The Bread smiling at the Moon" RTV/Vojvodina Serbia

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Monday, December 26, 2016